KEA-TEC GmbH is going somewhere and is taking its customers’ processes with it. The spirit of innovation is also a fundamental part of the identity of founder and Managing Director, Martin Kern (Dipl. Ing.). The entrepreneur has dedicated himself to a new technology – "Electrical cell breakdown" (electroporation) in the food industry.

KEA-TEC GmbH was born at the turn of the millennium after the initial positive results with electroporation systems following targeted development over several years. Successful commercialisation was then possible.

Systems for juice and potato processing were developed in the following years. The technology was optimised, in particular for the processing of whole peeled potatoes to produce potato chips, and is now used by industrial concerns throughout Europe.

What to expect from KEA-TEC GmbH and its specialists:

High-class development
In collaboration with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT (formerly the Karlsruhe Research Centre and University), Martin Kern has been specialising in the treatment of living cells with pulsed electrical energy for 20 years.

Expertise & experience
We have been successfully integrating systems into production processes for the food industry since 2002. All development is undertaken at our German site in Waghäusel/Baden-Württemberg, including Europe-wide commissioning and maintenance.

Regular innovation
Close collaboration with customers and partners is a guarantee of constant feedback from real-world experience, so all our services can be constantly improved.

Customer service
The engineers and technicians at KEA-TEC GmbH listen to your concerns. Maximum flexibility, short response times and competent contacts guarantee that you get smooth, fast and reliable service.