Anyone looking to innovate in the food industry faces challenges that demand more and more expertise in product development and implementation.
KEA-TEC has therefore stepped back to ask what a treatment system has to look like if it is going to perform today and for years to come and deliver sustainable improvements to the production process without chemical additives and without thermal energy.

We are clearly focused on customer requirements, delivering cost, time and energy savings while also improving the final product.
We have developed innovative system technology that meets these criteria exclusively by passing electrical energy through raw materials.

Our innovative KEA technology uses capacitors continuously charged with electrical energy to apply pulses of voltage to your product.
The mechanism to open the membrane or cell is based entirely on the effect of the electric current/energy on the cell membrane. That is why we describe this as PURE ENERGY.

The specialists at KEA-TEC GmbH use different pulse technologies for different applications. However, all types of pulse generation are similar in that they store electrical energy temporarily in capacitors and then transmit the energy in pulses to the raw material to be treated.

The pulse technologies we have developed and used in industrial processes can be categorised as follows:

Spark gaps
Discharge switches or multi-stage Marx generators with unipolar and bipolar circuit up to 70kV charging potential.

Pulse output of up to: 500MW
Pulse current of up to:6.000A
Pulse frequency of up to:50Hz

Application: Pre-treatment of large chunky products (150 mm) at high product throughput rates up to 50,000 kg/h

Pulse transformers
Single or multi-stage pulse generators at 1000V with voltage boost by a pulse transformer.

Pulse output of up to: 30MW
Pulse current of up to:1.000A
Pulse frequency of up to:300Hz

Application: Pre-treatment of chunky products (80 mm) at high product throughput rates up to 15,000 kg/h

Solid state switch
Single or multi-stage pulse generation at 1000 to 30000V with direct application to the product.

Pulse output of up to: 5MW
Pulse current of up to:5.000A
Pulse frequency of up to:500Hz