The OLIVIA allows you to open your olives while they are cold. Opening the olives in this way makes it possible to extract more of the content, such as polyphenols, into the final olive oil, thereby increasing the quality of the oil.
All the extracted oil sees the same improvement in quality.

However, the most important factor from an economic point of view is that the system increases oil yield without significantly increasing the processing temperature. Past experience has shown that oil yield is increased by 2% without changing any other aspect of the process.

All this is possible without significantly increasing the temperature, without adding chemicals and exclusively as a result of the effect of the electric current on the cell membranes.

The example below shows what a difference the OLIVIA makes:

Additional revenue from oil extraction:
Assuming that olives are processed at a rate of 3000 kg/h over a processing time of 500 h per year and at an olive oil density of 0.9 kg/l, the result is the following additional revenue – calculated only on the basis of the increased yield:

Throughput:3.000 kg/h
Operating time per season:500 h/a
Processed olives:1.500 to/a
Oil yield without OLIVIA:483.333 l (29%)
Oil yield with OLIVIA:516.666 l (31%)
Increase in yield of olive oil:033.333 l /a

Additional revenue at €2/litre of oil:066.666 EUR/a

OLIVIA operating costs:
Operating costs are as follows at an average energy cost of €0.3/kWh and with estimated cleaning costs:

Electric power rating:10 kW
Electric power consumption:5.000 kWh
Energy charged at €0.3/kWh:1.500 EUR/ a
OLIVIA maintenance costs:4.000 EUR/ a
Additional cleaning costs:1.500 EUR/ a

Additional operating costs:7.000 EUR/ a

Additional profit per season:
Additional revenue:66.666,- EUR
Operating costs:-7.000,- EUR

Additional profit per season:59.666,- EUR

According to the above calculation, using the OLIVIA at a processing rate of 3,000 kg/h generates additional profit of approx. €60,000 over the course of the harvest.